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Practice addition the fun way with this set of eight magic squares math worksheets. Students must complete the grids so that each column, row and diagonal add up to the given magic sum. There are four different sizes of grids 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, and 6x6 with two worksheets for each size of grid.

magic squares worksheet answers

As they progress through the worksheets, the challenge increases. Have your kids do the easier ones without scratch paper and they will be honing their skills at performing mental additions. With the larger ones, scratch paper will probably be needed. Puzzles to Print guarantees you the highest quality crosswords, word finds, cryptograms, Sudoku and number puzzles available. Teachers Pay Teachers is an online marketplace where teachers buy and sell original educational materials.

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Magic Squares

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Magic squares have grown in popularity with the advent of mathematics-based games like Sudoku. A magic square is an arrangement of numbers in a square in such a way that the sum of each row, column, and diagonal is one constant number, the so-called "magic constant.

Next, start your square by placing the number 1 in the center box of the top row. Then, arrange the rest of the numbers sequentially by moving up 1 row, then 1 column to the right.

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Figuring out a puzzle is always more interesting than just doing sums. Magic squares might be constructed according to a number of different rules. In the ones you find here, each column, row and diagonal add up to the "magic number" which is given with each grid. Here is an example where the magic number is The numbers in black and the sum are given at the start of the magic square and the puzzler must deduce all of the numbers in green: Below are the links to a few free worksheets.

If you like them, be sure to check out our eight worksheet bundle available for purchase on Teachers Pay Teachers: Magic Square Worksheets. Crossword Fill Ins. Crosswords for Kids.

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magic squares worksheet answers

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Plus, get practice tests, quizzes, and personalized coaching to help you succeed. There are a wide variety of entertaining games involving mathematics. This quiz has been constructed to determine your knowledge of the math game more commonly known as magic squares. To answer the quiz questions correctly, you will need to know about the origins of magic squares, how they work, and related key terms.

Explore more information about this topic by looking into the associated lesson, What is a Magic Square in Math? Besides spotting quiz answers, you can also review the following:.

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SOLVE The 3x3 Magic Square Completely - There Can Only Be One!

What famous German artist is well known for an engraving that includes a magic square? Create your account to access this entire worksheet.

magic squares worksheet answers

Create an account to get started Create Account. Besides spotting quiz answers, you can also review the following: Examples of magic square sizes The Legend of 'Lo Shu' Magic squares worldwide.If you are looking for printable magic square puzzles, you need look no further than this page!

I've provided almost 30 magic square worksheets in pdf format - with forty magic square puzzles, all the way from a bunch of simple 3 by 3 puzzles, up to a whopping great eight by eight! While you're downloading them, you might also like to check out the Magic Hexagon Worksheet Generator elsewhere on this site. How can you use them? Well, if you just like solving puzzles, then grab your pencil and an eraser! Fill in the grids with numbers according to the instructions. Start your child or children working on the three by three puzzle worksheets.

If the kid solves enough 3 by 3 magic square puzzles in a short enough time, he or she may notice the "magic number" - the sum of each row, column or diagonal - is always 15 the number 5 always seems to appear in the middle in fact, the solution is always the same, except maybe flipped or rotated.

This is not surprising - there is, after all, basically only one three by three magic square. Then, let the kid work on the magic square worksheets with four by four puzzles. This time, although each puzzle still has the same "magic number", there's no particular place that any particular number should go each solution is basically a different magic square. This is not surprising - there are actually different four by four magic squares, but they all have the same "magic number". When you give the child his or her first five by five magic square puzzle worksheet, the first thing they will want to know is the magic number.

With the magic number, these magic square puzzles become not-very-tough arithmetic puzzles. Without it, they can be quite tough, as the kids try and try again with the wrong magic numbers Then, let the enthusiastic loose on the 6 by 6, 7 by 7 and 8 by 8 puzzles! Anyway, I hope this collection of magic square worksheets puzzles provides the kids in your care or you!

Or, if these are not enough, elsewhere I explain the steps I used to create these magic square puzzles! Skip to content. By Michael Hartley If you are looking for printable magic square puzzles, you need look no further than this page! If you are a parent or a teacher, you could use the worksheets as follows.

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Hottest Questions. Previously Viewed. Unanswered Questions. Math and Arithmetic. Factoring and Multiples. Wiki User A magic square must add to Asked in Math and Arithmetic When you subtract one square numbers from another the answers is 8?

Asked in Math and Arithmetic, Numbers How many 3 by 3 magic squares using only ? Excluding reflections and rotations, there is only one 3x3 magic square using Asked in Math and Arithmetic What is the answer to a magic square that has 9 sections and uses numbers ?

Asked in History What is the history of the magic square? Magic Square is arrangement of numbers within in a square of nine spaces. The number are and each row is configured so the three numbers add up to Asked in Math and Arithmetic, Numbers How do you make a 3x3 magic square with a odd number?

Asked in Math and Arithmetic How can you solve a magic square that equals 12 with numbers ? Asked in Math and Arithmetic, Brain Teasers and Logic Puzzles Can you put the digits in a square so that every row column add diagonaly add up to 15?

Such an arrangement is called a "magic square". The 3x3 magic square is called "Lo Shu" in China, and is featured in legend and numerology. Asked in Math and Arithmetic, Algebra Need a example on how to do magic square with fractions? Here's an idea: Why not simply draw an ordinary 3 x 3 magic square with the numbers 1 through 9, then in each cell, draw a line under the number and add a denominator of Something along those lines.

Asked in Math and Arithmetic, Algebra How many 3 x3 magic squares can you make using 1 through 9 only once? Excluding rotations and reflections, there is only one 3x3 magic square. Asked in Word Games What is the answer to a 3x3 magic square filled with the numbers but each number can't touch a consecutive number?

A magic square are a group of numbers arranged in a square layout in such a way that the sum of the numbers in any row, in any column, and on either diagonal are always the same. Example: Here are a magic square with a sum of 15, up, down, sideways, and diagonally: [ 8 ] [ 1 ] [ 6 ] [ 3 ] [ 5 ] [ 7 ] [ 4 ] [ 9 ] [ 2 ]. Asked in Math and Arithmetic, Area How many square yard in 1 square feet? Asked in Math and Arithmetic What is -9 as a fraction?

Asked in Math and Arithmetic, Numbers How do you put the remaining numbers of in the magic square so that all columnsrowsand diagonals equal the same? Asked in Math and Arithmetic What is the square root of 1 divided by 9? Asked in Math and Arithmetic, Algebra What is the square root of one ninth? Asked in Flooring, Area How many square yard in a square foot?Author: Created by eslfungames.

Created: May 3, Updated: Feb 22, Read more. Report a problem. View more. How can I re-use this? Worry free guarantee. Author: Created by eslfungames Preview. Share Email Post. Description: This is a 1 page magic square worksheet. Each worksheet has a total of sixteen numbered clues that students must match with the target words.

Each worksheet also includes sentence clues with the target words missing and a word bank at the bottom of page of the second page. How to Use It: Students will look at the word bank and use the words to fill in the missing words in the sentence clues. After they have all of the words they will match the words with the numbered clues. After making a match students will write the number of the correct clue in the square that is marked by the letter of the matching word.

If the words and clues are matched correctly, the magic square columns, rows, and diagonals will add up to the same number. These worksheets can be printed and handed out to students in class. They also work great for extra homework practice. Notes: Each worksheet includes an Answer Key on a separate page.

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