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Enables or disables the logical processors and displays the number of logical processors. This option is set to Enabled by default.

Dell EMC PowerEdge R740 Technical Manual

The options available are Maximum data rate, This option is set to Maximum data rate by default. Maximum data rate indicates that the BIOS runs the communication links at the maximum frequency supported by the processors. You can also select specific frequencies that the processors support, which can vary. For best performance, you should select Maximum data rate.

Dell PowerEdge R930: Install into Data Center Rack

Any reduction in the communication link frequency affects the performance of non-local memory accesses and cache coherency traffic. However, if power saving considerations outweigh performance, you might want to reduce the frequency of the CPU communication links. Dell PowerEdge R Processor Settings details. The Processor Settings screen details are explained as follows:. Enables you to govern the frequency of the communication links among the CPUs in the system. NOTE: The standard and basic bin processors support lower link frequencies.

Enables or disables the virtualization technology for the processor. Optimizes the system for applications that need high utilization of sequential memory access. You can disable this option for applications that need high utilization of random memory access. Enables or disables the hardware prefetcher. This option is set to Disabled by default. Enables you to improve the energy efficiency of a system.

It uses the operating system core parking algorithm and parks some of the logical processors in the system which in turn allows the corresponding processor cores to transition into a lower power idle state.

PowerEdge R740

This option can only be enabled if the operating system supports it. It is set to Disabled by default. Controls the turbo engagement. Enable this option only when System Profile is set to Disabled. Controls the number of enabled cores in each processor. This option is set to All by default. The following settings are displayed for each processor installed in the system:.Additional specifications page 45 - Chassis weight page 46 - Appendix B.

dell r740 manual

Support and deployment servi Table of Contents. Page 3: Table Of Contents 9 Power, thermal and acoustics Page 4 Remote Consulting Services R Front view - 8 x 2. R internal chassis view 1.

SAS expander card 3. CPU2 processor heat sink module socket 6. Page 15 Figure 2. Page 16 Rxd Figure 3. Page 17 7. Page Chipset configurations button or by talking to your representative.

With comprehensive storage options, the R and Rxd offer various internal and external storage controllers, drive types and different chassis and backplanes for varied numbers of drives. You can pick the speed, technology, vendor, and other options, such as switch-independent partitioning, which allows you to share and manage bandwidth on 10 GbE connections.

Acoustics The PowerEdge R is quiet enough to be used in an office environment in typical and minimum configurations, and the RXd can also operate at a similar level in certain configurations.

Page Rack Rails Rack rails The rail offerings for the PowerEdge R consist of two general types: sliding and static Sliding rails features summary The sliding rails two varieties are offered allow the system to be fully extended out of the rack for service. They are available with or without the optional cable management arm CMA. Static rails The static rails support a wider variety of racks than the sliding rails. However, they do not support serviceability in the rack and are thus not compatible with the CMA.

OpenManage is based on open standards and provides agent-based and agent-free server lifecycle management functionality for Dell EMC PowerEdge servers. Page Agent-Free Management The central console in a systems management solution is often referred to as the one-to-many console. The central console provides a rapid view and insight into the overall health of all systems in the IT environment.

The Dell EMC systems management portfolio includes This enables you to monitor all devices managed by OpenManage Enterprise or Essentials such as Dell EMC servers, storage, networking, firewall, and supported third party devices. Integrate new systems at your own pace.Dell PowerEdge R Status LED indicators.

Check the System Event Log to determine if the drive has an error. Run the appropriate Online Diagnostics test. Restart the system and run embedded diagnostics ePSA. If the drives are configured in a RAID array, restart the system, and enter the host adapter configuration utility program.

The indicator turns solid amber if the system experiences a thermal error for example, the ambient temperature is out of range or there is a fan failure. Ensure that none of the following conditions exist: A cooling fan has been removed or has failed.

System cover, air shroud, memory module blank, or back filler bracket is removed. Ambient temperature is too high. External airflow is obstructed. If the problem persists, see the Getting help section.

The indicator turns solid amber if the system experiences an electrical error for example, voltage out of range, or a failed power supply unit PSU or voltage regulator. Check the System Event Log or system messages for the specific issue.

Reseat the PSU. Check the System Event Log or system messages for the location of the failed memory. Reseat the memory module. The indicator turns solid amber if a PCIe card experiences an error. Restart the system.

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Update any required drivers for the PCIe card. Reinstall the card.Dell PowerEdge R Power supply unit indicator codes.

dell r740 manual

The indicator shows whether power is present or a power fault has occurred. AC PSU status indicator. Blinking amber Indicates a problem with the PSU. Not illuminated Power is not connected to the PSU. If firmware update is interrupted, the PSUs do not function.

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This indicates a PSU mismatch with respect to efficiency, feature set, health status, or supported voltage. This results in a PSU mismatch condition or failure to turn the system on. Swapping the PSU to make a matched pair can result in an error condition and unexpected system shutdown.

To change from a high output configuration to a low output configuration or vice versa, you must turn off the system. When two identical PSUs receive different input voltages, they can output different wattages, and trigger a mismatch.

dell r740 manual

DC PSU status indicator. This indicates that there is a PSU mismatch with respect to efficiency, feature set, health status, or supported voltage. To change from a High Output configuration to a Low Output configuration or vice versa, you must turn off the system.Loading, Please wait.

Notes, cautions, and warnings. PowerEdge R system overview. Supported configurations. Front view of the system. Left control panel view. Status LED indicators. System health and system ID indicator codes.

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